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"Improving health and wellness is all about balance and sustainability. I wouldn't expect any of my clients to eat, drink and exercise in a fashion they couldn't maintain for the rest of their lives"

Clive Sanders

Fitness Director Sanders Fitness.

Who We Are

Here at Sanders Fitness...

Our vision is to build balance and sustainability into our clients lives - achieving goals and maintaining them! Constantly setting new goals to aid our clients progression. Anyone can change their habits short term, we look to changes our clients lifestyles forever!

We Are Good At

Helping you achieve your goals 100%

Giving you sound nutritional advice 100%

Experts in functional exercise 100%

Improving your health and wellness 100%

Meet The Team

Clive Sanders

Founder, Fitness Director

Lesley Harper

Fitness Centre Manager

Shaun Hooper

Personal Trainer

Lindsay Brough

Personal Trainer

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